• Aleisha Hart IFBB FIGURE PRO
  • Aleisha Hart IFBB FIGURE PRO
  • Aleisha Hart IFBB FIGURE PRO
  • Aleisha Hart IFBB FIGURE PRO
  • Aleisha Hart IFBB FIGURE PRO
  • Aleisha Hart IFBB FIGURE PRO

About Aleisha

Aleisha was born in Sudbury, Ontario in 1977. As a young athlete Aleisha was a competitive gymnast and martial artist. Early successes and great focus compelled her to challenge the athletic norm while pursuing excellence and perfection. A dedicated training regime and commitment to high performance, Aleisha performed at a very high level moving swiftly through the ranks in Northern Ontario. A healthy lifestyle and commitment to excellence made for a natural progression to building her physique for Figure and Fitness competitions. Aleisha quickly developed into a champion and now represents Canada as a top IFBB Figure Pro in the industry. She has developed her brand as a respected and endeared Top Athlete and International Fitness Model . Aleisha is a very intelligent, beautiful, and passionate person. There is shared sentiment and appreciation for Aleisha as a role model because she is an extraordinary mom, amazing friend, coach, mentor, wonderful daughter and inspiration to all of us.


Figure & Fitness Accomplishments

2013 Omaha Pro - 3rd - | Omaha, Nebraska
2013 Toronto Pro Super Show - 4th - | Toronto, Ontario
2013 St-Louis Pro - 2nd - | St-Louis, Missouri
2013 Arnold Classic - 12th - | Columbus, Ohio
2012 Olympia - 16th - | Las Vegas, Nevada
2012 Sarasota Pro- 3rd - | Sarasota, Florida
2012 Tampa pro - 8th - | Tampa, Florada
2012 Chicago Pro - 11th - | Chicago, Illinois
2012 Toronto Pro Super Show - 3rd - | Toronto, Ontario
2012 New York Pro - 7th - | New York City
2012 Europa Championships - 5th - | Orlando, Florida
2011 Europa Championships- 7th - | Hartford, Connecticut
2011 Toronto Pro Supershow- 5th-| Toronto, Ontario
2011 Optimum Classic Pro Figure- 10th- | Shreveport, Louisiana
2011 California Pro Figure- 13th- | Culver City, California